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Granbuild started in 1972 as the building division of the major steel contractor Gransteel Construction (Pty) Ltd. In 1994 Granbuild (Pty) Ltd became a totally separate entity retaining all personnel and plant. The company is registered as a member of the Master Builders Association and today is firmly established as a leading medium sized contractor in the Western Cape.

We are fully committed to a teamwork approach and partnering with the project team to achieve a practical and economical solution.

Our aim at all times is to exceed both our Client’s and Professional team’s expectations and to ensure that a quality project is delivered on time, to an agreed specification, and within budget.

With our current resources and expertise Granbuild is capable of handling any type or size of commercial or industrial project on either a tendered, negotiated or turnkey basis. The company works rigorously within the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85/93 and Construction Regulations 2004. All operational staff are trained in health and safety matters and a full time registered safety consultant is employed for each contract.

In recognition of its work in this field Granbuild has to date received eleven awards in the Building Industry Regional and National Safety Competitions in the R5 to R50 million categories.

Granbuild is fully committed to the continuous upliftment of previously disadvantaged people in the Western Cape, a policy which has successfully been implemented for the past 15 years through employment practices, in-house training and other means of support. Granbuild is currently a Level Two Contributor on the broad based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard with a BEE procurement recognition level of 110%.

Granbuild is on track to achieve its ambition of becoming a leading building contractor in the Western Cape and a flagship for empowerment in the industry.

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